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After struggling with his weight for 15 years, Graham Hill, 39, managed to lose one and a half stone since starting the revolutionary injectable weight loss drug Wegovy.

Wegovy is one of several semaglutide injections available for weight management. Other brands such as Ozempic and Mounjaro have exploded in popularity due to their quick results, with clinical trials showing people lose up to a fifth of their body weight.

This revolutionary weight loss method has offered hope to patients like Graham, who have tried other methods like phentermine pills and fad diets without success.

When he started the drug in January 2024, six-foot-tall Graham weighed 20 stone. He wore a 44 waist and bought T-shirts in “at least an XL if not an XXL.”

“I’ve already gone from 132kg to 121.5kg, which means I’ve lost around 1.5 stone,” said Graham. “I’m hoping to get down to 92.5kg, which would bring my BMI into a healthy range. With the way the drug works, that should take about another nine to ten months.”

Graham was given the drug, which comes in pre-filled injection pens that patients administer under the skin in the stomach or thigh area, from the UK’s largest online weight loss clinic, Slimming Clinic.

He explained: “First, I had a Zoom appointment with one of their doctors, who went over my medical history and lifestyle, and he recommended a program specifically tailored to my needs, which included weekly Wegovy injections. “

Since starting the injections, Graham immediately noticed a change in his eating habits.

“My big problem was that I had a big appetite and I ate a lot of food,” he said. “I couldn’t go into a store without buying a Bounty or a Twirl, and I could eat so much I lost count of the number of free meals I got at restaurants because I could clean the whole plate – even when it was a big one !

“Now, I’m eating normal meals at home and I can’t even finish them. When I work from home, I forget to eat lunch and eat after two, which never happened before. I’m no longer hungry between meals.”

According to official NHS recommendations, weight loss medicines such as Wegovy are intended to be supplemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise, which contribute to weight loss. But as Dr Charlotte Norton, Chief Medical Officer at the Slimming Clinic explains, Wegovy offers a start to getting into a balanced routine.

Dr Charlotte Norton said: “Patients who use medical injections for weight loss along with a healthy, reduced-calorie diet and plenty of exercise can lose around 10 per cent of their body weight within just 12 weeks of starting treatment.

“It may not be something you’ve tried before, but unlike other methods, it’s proven to be effective in not only helping you lose weight, but keeping it off.”

For Graham, the appetite suppressant helped him immediately feel lighter and less bloated, and he actually wanted to exercise, creating a virtuous circle.

He said: “In my head, I feel a lot happier and more confident. As a father of two, I also have more energy to play with my children. My only regret is that I don’t go to the program sooner. “

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