Providers and insurers must harmonize

Regarding “New Jersey’s Health Care Costs Will Soon Drop. Here’s Why,”, May 31:

On behalf of the physicians of South Jersey Radiology Associates and Larchmont Medical Imaging, the practices mentioned in Michael Buslersop-ed, who praises Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield for cutting ties with practices like ours, we consider his perspective as he did not tell the reader the full story.

Imagine that you are an employee who has been working in a company for a long time. All your performance reviews are very positive and you are definitely one of the best employees in the company. Despite your strong performance, and while your company continues to deliver year-over-year earnings growth, you haven’t had a raise in seven years. Your expenses continue to rise through inflation, and you realize you need to turn to your employer for a raise to keep up with the cost of living. You finally get up the courage to ask for that raise, and instead of listening and engaging in a discussion, your employer responds that you need to take a pay cut to stay with the company.

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